Xtra-PC Review [2020]- is It Scam or Legit?

Modern electronic devices are necessity for today’s life style. It is required everywhere whether it is home , office, school etc. So we can say that we can’t imagine our life without these electronic devices such as computers , laptops etc. It influenced our life in a deep manner.

You can use these electronic devices in almost everything. If you want to manage your bills,completing the outputs , managing the reports, submitting the reports we have to use these devices.So it become important that these electronic devices work properly with hi-tech speed also, then after our work can be done nicely and hassle free.

If these devices can not work with proper speed ,our work get spoiled and we get irritated. So to avoid this situation we need to maintain our devices properly. We also need to keep in mind that we need to update the operating system time to time because it can not be possible to change the system every time because it become quite expensive.

So its totally up to you that which option you have to opt. You want to maintain your operating system or you want to buy new system. Clever people opt the first option which is less expensive with highly reliable aspect.

So XTRA-PC is only for you, who want to update the operating system. As a matter of fact, it is the ultimate solution for beginners.

What is XTRA-PC ?

XTRA-PC is a thumb sized drive. It can plug in the USB port of any laptops and computers without any problem and hassle. It can be compared to the memory stick.

This XTRA-PC gain so much popularity because of its amazing set of advantages associated with it and it stay for a pretty long time. The time has gone where we have to be struggle with the slow PC. Now that time come where we can able to use XTRA-PC which gives the extra speed to the old computers.

By using the XTRA-PC you can convert the slow operating system into a faster operating system, it gives the extra speed to the old computers. It convert the operating system into super efficient LINUX OS. With the XTRA-PC device you can override your slow PC into a faster one with such a lesser price.

XTRA-PC is compatible with laptops , computers and notebooks, because it works well with PCs and MAC BOOKS.

Features of XTRA-PC

Here are some of the important features of XTRA-PC , that attract anyone to buy it immediately:

1- It is very easy to use. You just simply insert the drive into USB port , then restart your computer and then click on the boot menu option , and it is all done.

2- It is very affordable in nature. The cost of the XTRA-PC is just about $35 for the base model so that you can avoid spending so much money to buy the new computer. So just in a few dollars you can convert your old slow PC into a new one.

3- It has 30 day guarantee period, if you are not satisfy with the device you can simply send back the device and you will get the full refund.

4- It is easy to set , as you just insert the drive into your laptops USB, then restart your computer and click on the boost menu option. But you don’t have to do anything physical for that.

5- It works with windows and MAC PCs. XTRA-PC will work with old as well as newer PCs but the best part of it is that if you are using the MAC and Windows computer, it will work the same with the device.

6- You can easily use your old files, which is in your old hard drive which you want to access. XTRA-PC will help to retrieve your songs, videos, files from your old hard drive without any additional software. The old hard drive will show up to you automatically without any extra step here, and the accessing steps are become easy.

7- You have not to worry about your privacy and security as it comes with LINUX. It has been work faster and virtually it is virus immune.

8- It has file recovery system. It recover files from your old computers , because XTRA-PC comes with that feature.

9- There are few other software which is totally free of cost. So you can enjoy these software with one bundle as you plug it in.

Types of XTRA-PC products

In the market there are some other types of XTRA-PC products which sometime refer all the products with the same name. This company make three different types of XTRA-PC products, which include the XTRA-PC Turbo 16, which is the first and original one which is released by this company.




Benefits of using XTRA-PC

1- You can visit different websites.

2- You can use the apps which can already added into it.

3- You can buy the storage devices as per your own requirement.

4- It can recover your deleted files from your old computers.

5- It can overrides your old PCs into new one.

6- your old PCs enable itself to update all the new versions itself.

7- It also works as an extra storage device to your PCs.

8- It helps to increase the speed of your laptops and computers.

How does XTRA-PC works?

Your ISP (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER) gives you the high speed internet, but it slows down when you reach the CAP limit. When you hit that CAP your internet will slows down.The speed also influenced by the area where you live, type of internet you use, place where you place your wireless router. So the area where the internet is slow, providers gives their customers access to LINUX. As we know that this operating system comes in a disc and in today’s time most of the computers and laptops lack a disc drive, so you can access it via. XTRA-PC.

Those who have less experience with the computers may be face problems to how to install the system and how to use it. So in that case XTRA-PC will not only give you access the OS , but also come with the support that you need. It comes with the USB drive which give extra storage too. Amount of storage totally depends on , which USB drive you buy.

Who can use XTRA-PC ?

No doubt ,It can be used by any individual who wants to speed up and want to add efficiency to their already existing laptops and computers. You can also use the disk cleanup setting to delete unnecessary files, which can improve your system speed.

Where XTRA-PC can be used?

XTRA-PC will capable of doing several things. It can be able to perform several activities at a time because of its amazing feature of LINUX OS. Some of these activities are listed below-

1- You can able to check and send emails to others.

2- You get the flexibility to surf the internet whenever you want.

3- You can able to edit the document.

4- You get the flexibility to download your files.

5- You can able to watch films and videos.

6- You can able to listen your favorite music.

From where you can purchase it?

You can purchase the XTRA-PC from its official website. Buying from the official website benefited you in several ways such as you get to enjoy the warranty period, you get to enjoy the fast shipping, the professionals offers an impressive variety of optimum quality. Not only that you can also enjoy the services like customer support and 30 days money back guarantee.

Cost of XTRA-PC

It only cost $34.99. Yes you are right, you listen the right amount , it only cost 35 bucks. You can get the XTRA-PC directly from companies official website. So hurry up to buy the XTRA-PC , because you have no reason to not buy it.

Pros and Cons XTRA-PC


  • You get the backup of the deleted files easily.
  • set up procedure is totally hassle free.
  • It give you complete privacy and security while browsing the internet.
  • Wasting of money can be avoided.
  • It can be used on various devices.
  • You can add additional programes with no trouble.
  • It give you 30 days cash back guarantee.
  • You can access the stored files.
  • You can also use it on faulty drive and virus infected PCs.


  • There are other alternatives like open office rather than windows programs.
  • You need the great speed and requiring optimum internet connectivity for the completion of set up process.
  • The product has issues with computers and laptops with the operating system created earlier 2004.

Concluding The Review of XTRA-PC

It is surely a dream come true with this XTRA-PC product which not only speed up the old computers but also gives you the extra storage device. It is the perfect edge over others as it speed up your laptops without any issue. On this device you can spent less and you get more from this device , as this simple USB device can boost your computer in unthinkable manner by restoring its performance. Stop thinking so much to buy this product, our recommendation for this product is so high that you can’t regret after buying this product, So hurry up!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of computer can i use xtra-pc on?
  • You can use any type computer , laptops and notebooks.
  • Dose it support webcam?
  • Yes it supports the webcam.
  • Can i use XTRA-PC on a Mac?
  • Yes . If you want to use XTRA-PC on Mac, follow the instructions provided for your Mac to boot to USB.

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