UltraWash Max Review- The Best Portable Washing Machine

Auto circulation cleaning with automatic timer

With the help of Ultrawash Max you can clean your clothes efficiently. Read our review for detailed information about this product and how it works.

What is Ultrawash Max

This is an independent washing machine. It is directly hung on the barrel wall and placed on the bottom of the barrel. It clean your clothes very effectively and efficiently, with maximum benefits and complete shine.


  • Independent washing machine
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry and light weight
  • Clutch system
  • Auto circulation cleaning with automatic timer
  • Operated Via USB no main voltage required
  • Suggested for dishes fabrics jewelries etc
  • Ultrasonic deep cleaning washing machine
  • 40mm/1.57 in – height
  • 90mm/3.54 in – width

Modes Of UltraWash Max

  1. Bubbling cleaning
  2. Turbine cleaning
  3. Auto circulation cleaning
  4. Ultrasonic vibration cleaning

How To Use

  1. Put all your dirty clothes into the water.
  2. Pour liquid detergent into the water.
  3. Put washing machine into the water.
  4. Connect it to the power supply and then turn on.
  5. The Ultrasonic washing machine take only 30 minutes to remove dirt.
  6. After that cut off the power supply after 30 minutes then take your clothes out of the basin and clean then dry it.

From Where You Can Buy This Wonderful Machine

You can simply place your order with your debit card( master card , visa, etc) or PayPal account. YOur purchase will totally secured it means that no attackers will be able to view or steal your details.

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