TikiTunes Review – The Coolest Wireless Speaker Ever Made

Sometimes an innovative product comes along that’s just so damn cool you almost have no choice but to get it. And as far as I’m concerned, This is absolutely one of those products. TikiTunes – the wireless indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a Tiki Torch. It’s easily one of the coolest, most innovative products to hit the market in years.

Why, you ask? It’s simple – instant ambiance!

When you want to relax and chill out, what are the two things you think of first to help set the mood?

That’s right. lighting and music!

After all, nothing says ‘slow down, relax, enjoy a cold one or a nice glass of vino and appreciate all that life has to offer’ better than the soft glow of the flickering flames from a Tiki Torch.

On the other hand, music can instantly alter your mood and state of mind.

So which do you choose – music or lighting? Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

Well, decision time is over! Because now you can enjoy BOTH at the same time. Plus This bluetooth flame speaker is water-resistant.

What Is TikiTunes?

TikiTunes is an award winning, one-of-a-kind, indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker that looks like a tiki torch, but cooler!

It’s made from the highest quality materials, packs an impressive sound and is a great conversation piece that’s sure to have your friends say “Wow! Where did you get that?!”

The speakers LED flame emits a flickering, atmospheric light just like the torches it’s named after. Perfect for setting the mood at your next outdoor party or just a cozy night in.

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TikiTunes Quality Review

I have used this water resistant portable bluetooth speaker for few weeks. Initially this speaker doesn’t seem to be premium like the 200$’s one, but after a while you’ll love it. The sound is excellent for something at this price level. For $39.99, you get a nice speaker with ambient lighting that looks like real flame. It works well indoors and out with 6 hours of playtime with a 2,000 mAh battery. It’s a small size at 4 x 6.5 inches.

At the top of the device, there are the play/pause buttons as well as volume controls and power button. Two TikiTunes can be paired up to 30 feet apart. You could either set them on the table, or if you have a tripod, there is a hole at the bottom that allows for attachment to various stands. Although I think you could probably run a string through and hang it from the top, there doesn’t seem to be a way to hang it built in. That feature might be helpful.

The TikiTunes portable 5-watt speaker offers 6-hours of continuous playtime from any wireless compatible device with its built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. Connect up to two speakers using dual sync capabilities from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo-sound. The warm LED ambient light emits a flickering, atmospheric light providing the perfect ambiance for evenings spent outdoors or a cozy night in.

Why To Use TikiTunes?

“I bought these for gifts and every person raves about them. Will definitely purchase again.” ~ Ginni (Verified Purchase)

  • Sound Quality Will Surprise & Delight You – TikiTunes packs an impressive high-quality sound. The surprisingly punchy bass (for a small speaker) and the exciting midrange will have you listening for hours.
  • Pair Speakers Together (Customer Favorite!) – You can pair 2 TikiTunes together – creating a full Tiki-themed sound system that pleases both the eyes and the ears!
  • Makes Any Atmosphere Way Cooler – The warm LED light flickers just like a fire and creates the perfect ambiance. Plus – it works with or without music!
  • Take It Everywhere (Indoors & Outdoors) – Portable and lightweight, it’s perfect for any trip. It’s also certified and proven to be dust tight and protected from water. Enjoy your music in rain, sun, or snow.

>>Get This Water Resistant Portable Bluetooth Flame Speaker At Discount For Limited Period<<

  • Keeps Going and Going – The high-quality 2000 mAh rechargeable battery allows music to play continuously for at least 6 hours (but many customers report up to 10 hours of play time).
  • So Easy, Anyone Can Use It – The buttons are large, easy to press, and straightforward – anyone can understand it (from little kids to non-techy adults).
  • Works With Apple & Android Devices – TikiTunes works with most smartphones.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

Product Description. The TikiTunes portable 5-watt speaker offers 6-hours of continuous playtime from any wireless compatible device with its built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. Connect up to two speakers using dual sync capabilities from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo-sound.

TikiTunes Features

  • The amazingly punchy bass (for a little speaker) along with also the arousing midrange will have you listening to hours.
  • TikiTunes is a Bluetooth speaker that is both dust and water resistant. This feature makes it safe to use by the pool without having to worry about the possibility of it falling in the water.
  • Publish Watches Together (Client Favorite!) — This distinctive and enjoyable feature enables you to pair two TikiTunes collectively to get an authentic stereo-sound.
  • Makes Any Atmosphere Way Cooler — The hot LED light flickers exactly like a flame and produces the perfect ambiance. Plus — it functions with or without audio!
  • Take It Anywhere (Indoors & Outdoors) — Mobile and lightweight, it is ideal for any excursion. Additionally, it is certified and turned out to be dust-tight and protected by water. Enjoy your songs in rain, sun, or snow.
  • However, this is not to say that it should be intentionally put in water. The device is Ips65 rated. It may be water resistant but not exactly water proof.
  • It can also be used to provide audio at the workplace or the home office.  It is portable and so one can carry it along on road trips, hikes, or anywhere else that they desire.
  • What makes TikiTunes stand out is the fact that one can connect two TikiTunes devices using its dual sync capabilities. The result of this is an amplified sound whose quality is not affected in any way.

How to Pair Your TikiTunes Speakers Together (So You Can Complete Your Tiki Oasis)

Okay, first things first: Mentally prepare! Tell yourself that this is not rocket science. Take a deep breath. It’s juuuuuust technology… and this is gonna be E-Z!

Alright, you ready? Let’s begin!

Step 1: Place two TikiTunes devices side by side:

(Note: They sell them individually, so if you haven’t bought yours yet, be sure to order two at once! You can get a discount on multiple speakers here.)

Step 2: Turn them both on by pressing the power button in the middle once:

It doesn’t have to be at the exact same time – just watch for the flame to turn on.

Step 3: Hold down on the power button on ONE device until it starts flashing:

At this time, a friendly voice will start saying “TikiTunes ready to pair!”

Step 4: Repeat the above step with the other TikiTunes:

Step 5: Open your smartphone (or whichever device you’re using – computer, TV, etc) and connect it to TikiTunes:

That’s it! You can now move your TikiTunes speakers apart and use them like any other speaker. (I told you it was easy, didn’t I?)

You can control the speakers on your device OR by using the LED buttons on the TikiTunes speakers.

It’s really that simple – I never had any trouble, but I do understand these things can be a bit confusing. I hope this helps you (or whoever is lucky enough to be receiving TikiTunes as a gift)!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to head back to the Florida Keys… errr, I mean my back patio 😉

TikiTunes Impressions

The very first thing I discovered was how cool that this speaker seems. I instantly wished to include 3 more speakers into our terrace area so it might balance out the look of the region. There’s absolutely no complicated set-up or meeting required. The speaker is prepared to head from the box.

I really do recommend that you simply charge the speaker . Linking into the speaker is straightforward. When the speaker is switched on, it enters pairing manner. After that you can pick it in the Bluetooth device’s menu to automatically link to it. I didn’t have some difficulties using it un-pairing while I had been using it.

April 2020 UPDATE: Where To Get A Discount On Multiple TikiTunes

There’s another question I’ve received since getting my TikiTunes – in fact, I get it a lot more than “how do you pair them”. It’s: “Where can I get one?!”

That was actually the difficult part for a while, as they were still hard to find and stock was always limited. But thankfully, they’ve solved that issue, and now you can get as many as you like from this official website:

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