ScreenKlean Review [2020] – Best Screen Cleaning Solution by Carbon Klean

You may find it bit funny that we all own expensive devices with amazing HD screens but often use our shirts to wipe them clean. I am guilty of doing it myself, cannot count how many times I have simply wiped my phone on my jeans to make the screen clean.

Isn’t it amazing that we spend $100’s and $1,000’s on expensive electronics that have gorgeous, HD displays and then we resort to using cheap rags and sprays to clean the screens and fight bacteria build up? Problem with those so-called ‘screen approved’ cloths is, even with some extra elbow-grease, they often only smear, smudge, and leave bacteria behind.

Sure, they ‘look better’ than before but you can’t really see bacteria, can you? And wiping away half the dirt might make your screen ‘look better’ but it’s still not crystal clear as it should be!

Well, there’s a new product being used in the aerospace industry that everyone’s buzzing about. It’s an advanced carbon molecular cleaning pad that fights bacteria build up and actually attracts and removes dirt, oil and fingerprints.

What is ScreenKlean by Carbon Klean?

Anyone who has even owned a gadget knows the exact pain of a dirty, patchy screen. But finding a screen cleaner that actually works is so difficult. Having screen cleaning sprays is not the solution as they are inconvenient and you can’t take it anywhere with you. Although Microfiber cloths don’t scratch the screen surface, but it doesn’t clean so well either. Fortunately, some people recognized this problem and invented Screen Klean, the smart screen cleaner. And you’ll discover in the ScreenKlean review that it works like a charm.

ScreenKlean is a patented carbon molecular technology that works like a magnet for dirt, fingerprints, and grime. That’s not all, it actually grabs hold of the dirt and completely removes it from your screen. A typical cloth would only move around the dirt and smudge it around on the screen.

All you need is one swipe from the ScreenKlean and your screen will be looking like it was just taken out of the box. ScreenKlean has the capability to leave your screen looking brand spanking new every time you use it!

ScreenKlean has a patented Carbon Molecular Cleaning Technology that ATTRACTS, GRABS, and REMOVES dirt, oils & fingerprints.

One wipe with ScreenKlean and your gorgeous HD screens don’t just look ‘better’ than before, they look crystal clear spotless after every clean!

And, ScreenKlean works on ANY and ALL of your devices – smartphones, tablets, e-readers, computers, TV…everything!

Plus, the advanced carbon technology naturally combats bacteria on your touch screens, eg – smartphone & tablet.

So every time you clean your screen you’re also fighting germ residue!

Now that’s a 2-for-1 benefit I like!

And get this…

NASA actually uses this very same carbon cleaning technology! If it’s good enough for them, then it’s surely good enough for me and you!

How Does ScreenKlean Work?

Well, CarbonKlean, the makers of ScreenKlean, actually engineered what they call a ‘smart’ carbon cleaning molecule. Here’s how it works when you swipe the carbon pad across your device’s screen.

ScreenKlean features

Traditional clothes & sprays smear, smudge & even scratch your screens. But ScreenKlean’s smart carbon molecule actually attracts and lifts away dirt & grime from your screen. So each cleaning leaves your screen bursting with the HD clarity you expect! No dirty clothes.

It is the only cleaning technology used on the International Space Station. And it is the only technology utilizing Carbon molecular technology to clean display screens.

  • Smart Molecule – Carbon Molecular Technology. – Your screens don’t just look ‘better’, they are crystal clear so you can enjoy the sharp, hi-def, super clarity your expensive electronics are!
  • All-Natural Bacteria Fighter – You can safely fight bacteria without using harmful and dangerous chemicals while you clean the screen.
  • Soft No-Scratch Pads – You won’t create small, micro-scratches in your screens and damage them like micro-fiber and cleaning cloths can do.
  • Replaceable Pads – You can always be ready to enjoy crystal clear displays by having backup Carbon Pads on hand!
  • 150 Cleans Per Pad (approx) – You’ll get the same crystal clear cleaning on the 100th time as you did the 1st time…up to approx 150 times!
  • Doesn’t Expire – You don’t have to worry about the recharging station not working and buy a new one!
  • Small & Compact – You can easily take it with you to work, travel, the beach, anywhere – it’s portable!
  • Weather Resistant (not affected by heat, cold or humidity) – You can take it with you everywhere you go without the risk of it damaging it by the elements.
  • Various Colors – You can customize them to your taste and preferences.
  • Eco-Friendly – You’re not spraying unknown chemicals into the air and you’re helping to keep waste to a minimum with this reusable cleaner.

How To Clean The Carbon Pad?

Cleaning the dirty carbon pad is super easy. All you do is slide it back into the ‘recharging’ station. The simple action of sliding the pad actually replaces the dirty ‘Smart’ carbon molecules with fresh new, clean molecules. So it’s ready for your next crystal clear cleaning.

Where Do The Dirt & Oil Particles Go?

Here’s what’s amazing. So the dirty ‘smart’ carbon molecules actually move AWAY from the tip of the pad and are replaced by new, clean carbon molecules. That’s what happens when you ‘Recharge’ your carbon pad. Pretty amazing cool, right?

Can’t You Get The Same Clean With Micro-Cloths?

Definitely not! The problem with micro-cloths is they really just smear and smudge dirt, oils and bacteria around.

And worse…

those soft micro-cloths actually leave micro-scratches on your screens. Damaging your screens and degrading the quality of your HD picture over time – yikes!


You don’t have dirty clothes you have to shake the dirt and gunk off after every cleaning. I mean seriously, have ever looked at the gunk that gets caked onto your cloth after you WIPE your computer or tablet screen? It can get pretty gross and nasty!

Fight Bacteria and Get Your Screens Crystal Clean With ScreenKlean!

Look, everything evolves for a reason. High-end electronics have gotten better and better over the years – and more expensive! Doesn’t it make sense that what we use to clean them gets better too?! Of course. It makes perfect sense. So stop treating your screens like they’re from the ‘80s and start treating them like they’re the gorgeous, vibrantly colorful HD displays that you spent so much money on for your enjoyment!

Give Your Expensive Devices The 21st Century Treatment – With ScreenKlean!

Look, everything evolves for a reason. High-end electronics have gotten better and better over the years – and more expensive! Doesn’t it make sense that what we use to clean them gets better too?! Of course. It makes perfect sense. So stop cleaning your devices like they’re some old jalopy! And start cleaning them like they’re the expensive, precision engineered machines that they are – clean them with ScreenKlean!

Where Can You Get ScreenKlean?

ScreenKlean Manufacturers are providing discounts on the product. To Avail the discount, Just go to their official website. Link provided here.

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