Protector Pitch Review 2020- The New Trend For Self Defense

Protector Pitch Review 2020- The New Trend For Self Defense

In today’s time their are different type of crimes prevailed in our society. So if you feel unsafe in public places, feel scared of walking at night, protector pitch is the accurate gadget for you.

It is the key holder with inbuilt alarm system for your own security. It consist of batteries with long life backup. It offers the self defense system by creating the loud sound which can be hear from long distance. It provides the shield to whom who feels not safe.

About The Protector Pitch

It is the new innovation in the field of safety. So many personal defense devices are also available in the market such as pepper sprays, tasers, expandable batons but this protector pitch does its job inventively and effectively and also won’t even be noticed by the attackers.

The device can be hanged on your vehicle’s key chain and make loud sound to draw attention up to 300 yards away. It also did not hurt your ears wen the alarm sounds.

Features Of Protector Pitch

1- By pressing single button the alarms get activated.

2- Protector pitch made up by unbreakable and durable material.

3- Always come with batteries with long life backups.

4- Portable and can be hung with keychain.

5- Immediate self defense action with loud sound.

6- can’t be noticed by others.

How To Use Protector Pitch?

Protector pitch can be hanged into your vehicles keychain. It simply activated by pulling the chain out and put into the pin to stop the alarm.

It makes an extremely noisable sound to grab the attention up to 300 yarns away when you are in danger.

With up to 40 minutes of continuous sound to ensure it is ready to use when you need it then reinsert the pin to stop. It won’t hurt your ears when the alarm sounds when the pin is pulled.

Benefits Of Protector Pitch Alarm

As we know that there are different types of personal self-defense alarms which comes in various varieties and shapes , they all facilitates the same purpose. Protector pitch make enough noise to grab the other’s attention , so they can save you. Here are some other benefits of protector pitch-

1- It is easy to carry, operate, unnoticed and provide complete safety and security.

2- Provide safety while jogging and while walking at night.

3- As these alarms are silent, so they save you in emergencies without noticing the attackers.

What Makes Difference Between Protector Pitch Personal Alarm And Other Self Defense Devices

Protector pitch can be bought both as single piece or in a group of 2 and 3. It can be gifted to your friends and relatives. This alarms helps to keeps away the attackers and give you enough time to hide and let the help come.

Protector pitch has LR44 standard batteries that can be easily replaced. It won’t consumed too much battery. It has long life battery backup and 365 day stand by time.

It made up of durable build material that is ABS plastic and fall breaking proof. It available in market in 3 colors that is white , light blue and pink.

Protector Pitch Is Best Suited For Whom?

This protector pitch alarm is best suited for those who worked at night specially for those women who want to become independent into their life.

It is used by anyone who want to use it. It is not necessary that protector pitch is always used by those who have already identified their enemies but it is used by those also who want to protect themselves from strange attackers.

This device doesn’t need any specialized training and skill to operate it. It can be hide from the attackers very easily as they don’t even get noticed that such type of device is there with the victim.

It scares the attackers very easily and give chance to the victim to run away and wait for the help.


1- Best for self defense.

2- With such an immense sound people can come to help immediately.

3- It works without electricity, it would work on battery.

4- It is very portable in nature.


1- It can be stolen easily because it is very small in size.

2- Plastic material is strong enough but sometimes it might be damaged.


These days everyone wants their loved ones to be protected and be safe. At the time of unpredictable situation this protector pitch alarm give you enough time either for running away or getting help. It looks so simple and regular that no one get detect it easily.

When you have this protector pitch alarm, you need not to worry for your safety because it never ditch you at any circumstances because it has long life battery backup. So order your personal protector pitch alarm today for you better safety and security.


Ques- How to switch on and off the protector pitch alarm ?

Ans- To turn on you have to press the button in front of alarm and press the button present at the back to switch off the alarm.

Ques- What type of batteries did alarm required ?

Ans- Alarm required LR44 * 3 batteries . The batteries come with an alarm and are ready to use.

Ques- What is the replacement time of battery ?

Ans- Battery backup is very long so there is no need to replace the battery until the extended time.

Ques- How much time the alarm continue to sound ?

Ans- It sounds until the time it has a battery.

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