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oshen watch

Want to secure your life by wearing a watch? Yes, this can be possible with Oshen Smartwatch, the best version of the technology.

My smartphone is great if I get a call, but I still need a Bluetooth earbud to use it while running. And my smartphone never keeps an accurate track of my steps or distance traveled. Nor is it not able to record my vitals, such as heart rate.

When I go running, I want to be able to do three things:

  • I want to be able to monitor my fitness goals.
  • I want to be able to keep track of my vitals and health stats.
  • I want to be able to connect with people if I get a phone call.

Oshen Watch is the latest smartwatch in the market which is able to do all the three things for you at affordable price of $49.

What Is Oshen Watch

An Oshen Watch is a modern health tracker that can be used to measure a wide range of vital signs. According to the manufacturer, an Oshen Watch should offer more functions, like a sports bracelet. The Smartwatch can not only be used to count steps or calories, but it also displays incoming messages or calls.

The Oshenwatch is no ordinary Smartwatch, but a combination of Smartwatch and Fitness-Tracker. Compared to other similar watches, the Oshenwatch has a much wider range of functions with the integrated ECG and oxygen saturation measurement.

According to the manufacturer, you can also measure your blood saturation and heart rate with your health tracker. Many buyers use this feature while sleeping. All data is shown on the display and can be evaluated. This has the advantage that changes are noticed at any time.

Why do I need this Smartwatch?

A health tracker is well suited for anyone who attaches great importance to their own health. With the help of the Smartwatch the most important functions can be checked. Measuring pulse or oxygen saturation does not take much time. All measured data can be read on the display of the Oshen Watch.

You can even take photos with your Oshen Watch and show them to your friends.

What will you get with the Smart watch?

  • pedometer
  • Heart-rate monitor
  • Android and Ios connectivity
  • Sleep tracker
  • 50% discount on early purchase

Make the Most of Your Fitness Routine

Starting a new fitness regimen can feel like a chore. Look forward to your workouts with the wearable tech that will monitor your progress and help you achieve the results you want.
OshenWatch features an IP67 rating which means it is waterproof for all kinds of situations. No matter how much you sweat, or how you choose to work out, OshenWatch goes where you go to support your fitness.

Intelligent Function for Instant Gratification

The advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology gives you instant handsfree access to your music collection, telephone calls, text messaging, and more.

The OshenWatch biometric sensors monitor everything from your heart rate and blood pressure to the quality of your sleep.

Record your jogging distance, count your steps, and calculate the total amount of calories you’ve burned in seconds.

  • Ready to Go – No batteries required. Simply plug in the OshenWatch to top it up using the included micro-USB cable.
    Enjoy up to 96 hours of normal use on a single charge.
  • Accessible – No matter whether you prefer Android or Apple products, OshenWatch syncs easily with all devices. The interface is streamlined and simple for anyone to use.
  • For Work and Play – Business or casual, OshenWatch is adaptable. Wear it for outings with friends or whenever you work. OshenWatch is comfortable, durable, and designed for everyday use.

Why Oshen is the top-selling brand?

It proffers the following benefits, that’s why its customer demand is more than its competitors.

  • Fantastic Quality- The watch is crafted with elegant designs that suit your class. It is manufactured by using the aluminium shell. The tempered glass is also attached to increase the life-span of a watch.
  • Hassle-free returns – The store has the best return policy. The store says if you are not satisfied or happy with your Smartwatch then return it within 30 days to get your full refund amount.
  • Fast Delivery of the product – The users are free to give any address for the Delivery, the watch will reach your choice of place within a few days. The store offers users the wings of shopping.

One thing is guaranteed while shopping Oshen watch – Product Satisfaction Guarantee.

So are you excited to wear it on your hand? If “yes “ buy it now to avail 50% discount as the discount is for the limited time.

How to use Oshen Watch?

  • Buy from an online store– Get your Smart watch from the official website. You have to order from the original site to save yourself from frauds.
  • Attach with your smartphone – You can easily attach your Oshen watch with your Android or IOS mobile phones.

What are the Oshenwatch quality features?

Of course the Smartwatch has CE certification. Other classic quality features such as certificates or quality seals cannot be found for the Oshenwatch. The workmanship of the fitness tracker seems to be of a very high quality. Especially the “dial” convinces with a detailed and flawless look – at least on the product pictures provided by the manufacturer.

However, the fact that the provider promises a year or two-year warranty for an extra charge speaks for the Smartwatch’s quality. If the supplier were not convinced by the product, he would not make such a guarantee possible.

Payment is completely encrypted on the provider’s website. For this purpose, SSL encryption has been set up to guarantee a secure checkout. In this way, your data should not fall into the hands of third parties, but should only be transmitted to the merchant.

How To Order Oshen watch?

You can order the Oshenwatch on the official website. The Smartwatch is not represented on Amazon or eBay. The official supplier makes it as easy as possible for you to order. You currently get 50% off on the regular price.

The higher the order quantity, the lower the unit price. You can choose up to three Oshenwatch – for example to give two away.

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