KeySmart key chain comes with the USB connector which helps it to charge anywhere anytime.

In this article we come to know about the future key holders, that not only make easy our life but also the misplacement of keys can be avoided. Earlier you organised you keys using a ring and put them all together to make it safe and easy to find. Which is very annoying, poking and bulky in nature. So here the new product launched which is revolutionary in field of maintaining the keys in an innovative manner. The name of the product is KEYSMART key chain – A Smart Key Manager.

Before this revolutionary innovation nothing is launched in the market for particularly managing the key. That is why this product should be categorized into that branch in which revolutionary comes under.

All About KEYSMART Compact Keychain

This Keysmart key chain is handy and compact in nature that anyone can take it away everywhere easily. It also has a bottle opener, with the loop at the other side to hold big keys. So this key holder is not only mend for small keys but also for big key. This device can hold up to 10 keys into one compact key holder.

This new product has made your pocket tidy, which bring new comfort into your legs and movement. This feature should be appreciated by all of us.

It also has tracking system which basically known as tile tracker, which connected to your phone via. Bluetooth, which will you its last location through its app. By using this key holder you can benefited yourself by two ways-(1) When your smart key holder disconnect signal from your phone , you will be informed. This will help you know that from where you have to start your search operation rather than searching everywhere. (2)You will be informed when your tile tracker disconnects from your phone, than after you will able to know that your keys was lost.

It also has the advanced feature that if you seriously misplaced your keychain , you can ring the tile in your phone app. By doing this the smart key chim produce the sound ,which helps you to find your keys.

Why You Need This Key Holder?

We have the tendency to forget the small things anywhere. The small keys includes keychain , keys , handkerchief etc. In your everyday busy schedule any individual has carry minimum of 5 keys, if you have to carry more than 5 to 6 keys it become so annoying. It pokes our thigh, your phone get scratches, some bulkiness is there into your pocket, which you surely not want to do on daily basis.

So due to all these things you badly need this key chain to become your life easier. It also need this key chain holder because of its look. Traditional key chain holder is become quite unfashionable and it need some changes to look attractive. So this keysmart holder consist everything which you want. It looks fashionable , it is portable in nature, it is light in weight, hold upto 10 keys at one time, both for big as well as small keys, has sound tracking system. SO hurry up!

Features Of KeySmart

IT ORGANISED YOUR KEYS- It designed for everyone who have to manages the loads of keys everyday. It is used by those who want their keys well sorted, so it become easy for them to use and store.

CAN HOLD UP TO 10 KEYS- The keySmart can hold up to 10 at one time. It looks like a army swiss knife. The spacer is one of the best feature of this product. They are used to separate the keys, but when you remove them you can actually fit up to 14 keys.

MADE FROM PREMIUM GRADE MATERIALS- The KeySmart key holder is made from premium grade materials such as-aircraft aluminium and stainless steel. That is why it is light in weight and can be handle with very ease. It also consist some other features like bottle opener, LED light, flash drive, pocket clip.

IT HAS A TILE TRACKING SYSTEM- It has a tracking system which basically known as Tile tracker. In this system your key holder is connected with your phone via. the bluetooth through an app. when it disconnects from your phone it, you will be informed automatically.

SOUND PRODUCING SYSTEM- It also has the advanced feature that if you seriously misplaced your keychain , you can ring the tile in your phone app. By doing this the smart key chim produce the sound ,which helps you to find your keys.

Benefits And Advantages of KeySmart key chain holder

The KeySmart is the good tool, that you did not think you would be using since you are all too familiar with how keys are used and organized. So it is the great benefit of using this key holder, as it manages and suggested that how you manages and carry your keys.

If this key holder misplaced , stolen, and if you want to add some extra and advanced features , this key holder is the compact solution for all of this.

How to use the keysmart key holder?

Some times you are not able to find the keys on time this keysmart key holder make sure that your key become easy to found and secure also. This keysmart key holder is very easy to use. Simply you just place the keys into the spacer to make sure that the keys are separated and if you remove the spacer you will be able to place the 14 keys. It become useful for those who have to manage the bunch of keys on daily basis.

Sometimes you become confused about the keys that which key is for which cupboard. But this doubt can be solve with passing of time. The important thing is keys are become more secure rather than before.






The keysmart key holder cost only $49.99 but if you want to buy non pro version it just cost $23 and the tile tracker cost only $25, which is half of the pro version already. It can be ordered from directly from its official website.

Final Verdict

Because of this key holder the management of keys become easy, it is not only manages our keys but also make sure that it will be secured and in future it will be not misplaced. It is also available for customization and available in variety of colours.

Keysmart is one of the gadget that change the way you manage the important keys. This is one of the thing that not everyone imagined that it will be upgraded, but this device gives you the upgraded version of the traditional key holder. This keyholder comes with bluetooth technologies and tile tracker, which help you locate it when it misplaced it.

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