HVNSleep Mask Review – Best Anti-snoring Cum Sleeping Mask

There were so many products that claim that they can help you to stop snoring. If you find the right device for your snoring problem you have to go through the trial and error method.

There were so many products that claim that they can help you to stop snoring. If you find the right device for your snoring problem you have to go through the trial and error method. It take time, money and also you have to try different products to find the one that will work best for you.

Habitual snoring can lead to difficult in concentrating , accidents due to lack in sleeping, high blood pressure, heart condition and stroke.

About HVNSleep Mak

This mask is so comfortable to wear. This not only stop you from snoring but also blocks out the light to help you sleep. this mask actually help you to sleep comfortably instead of hindering it.

This mask is different from any other ordinary mask that block the light or we can say that light blocking mask. It simply measures the vibrations which is caused by snoring and immediately convert it into gentle vibration that stop snoring on its way.

This mask is so strong that break the chain of snoring. It stop you from snoring and sleep comfortably.

Benefits Of HVNSleep Mask

This mask benefited in so many ways. It worked as two in one product. this device not only stop your snoring but also helps you to sleep comfortably. By using biofeedback, it take care your sleep and emits vibrations that cause your tendency to snore.

COMFORT – This mask is completely comfortable to use. This is not same as other anti-snoring devices like painful nasal insert, chin strap or irritating helmet for you to wear. This HVNSleep mask give you optimum comfort with ending your snoring.

PERFECT FOR CARRYING OUTSIDE – This mask has a long lasting rechargeable battery, it means that you can use it during your journey. By using this device you can say GOODBYE to all the embarrassing moment forever.

NO NEED OF DRUGS OR MEDICINES – This device requires no drug or prescription medicines. This mask uses biofeedback technology, which monitors your sleep and provide gentle vibration which improve your breathing. This is the best and pain free method to stop snoring and finally get the quality of sleep you deserve.

Features Of HVNSleep Mask

  1. USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – This HVNSleep mask has a USB rechargeable battery, which also include USB cable. It is perfect for use during travelling.
  2. TRACKING OF SLEEP (SNORING) – It can be connected to your smartphones via. Bluetooth. Which show you the complete diagram of your sleeping habits on your smartphone through an app. The HVNSleep mask app is 100% free.
  3. ADJUSTABLE SENSITIVITY OF VIBRATION – This device is so much easy to use. User can adjust its sensitivity of vibration according to one’s requirement.
  4. COMFORTABLE – This device is two in one product. This device not only stop the snoring aspect but also give the comfortable sleep by blocking the light.
  5. DIFFERENT LEVELS OF VIBRATIONS – This device do not awake you every time you snore. It has 36 different levels of vibrations which stops you from snoring.

How To Use

  • First of all you have to go to the apple store or google store to download the HVNSleep mask app which is totally free of cost.
  • Before using the HVNSleep mask ,make sure that this mask is fully charge .
  • Use that HVNSleep mask while you are sleeping.
  • After that you can able to check your snore or sleep data on sleeplus app to monitor your progress.

Purchasing Of HVNSleep Mask

Consumer can order the HVNSleep mask from its official website. They will have multiple package option on its official website. If the consumer does not find it good for them, they have to return the product within 30 days.


HVNSleep mask is the unique solution to snoring. It also comes with an app which records the sleep data and applies it to the snoring regimen. It does not include any supplements or medication to stop snoring. This is the anti-snoring device that regulates the muscles in the throat and mouth to reduce the reverberations. This device is free from those irritating strips which comes with the other ordinary anti-snoring devices. This device not only stop the snoring but also act as the lightening blockage device to give the user comfortable sleep.

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