Glow Bowl Review – Motion Activates Toilet Nightlights!

At night we mostly woke up for the washroom emergencies, when these emergencies occur in mid of the night, again fall asleep is very difficult for most of the people.It is all scientific in nature!

Somethings are very uncertain in life, one of them is washroom emergencies, it does not understand our situation and condition , where we are, we able to take loo or not, but these emergencies are so cruel that we have to search the washrooms for using it. When we woke up at night again fall asleep is a big problem sometimes, because when our eye directly exposed to extremely bright light abruptly, it decrease your Melatonin production that make it harder for you to fall asleep.

so If you want to avoid these situations, the GLOW BOWL is only for you. This product is not only preserve your sleep but give a nightlight condition to your boring bathroom.

About Glow Bowl

As already understood by the the name glow bowl, it is the motion activated LED toilet night light, that light up the toilet at night. It also do not disturb the night as compared to other bright lights, because it made with that technology which keeps your sleep problem in its mind.

After coming of this innovative LED toilet light, you can say goodbye to the unnecessary irritating light, that decrease your sleep whenever you woke up in midnight.

This glow bowl gadget comes with different vibrant colours. It has approximately 13 vibrant LED colours which give the vibrant look to your bathroom. It doesn’t comes only with these LED lights but also it has comes with the built in air freshener which keep your bathroom freshener restored.

Features And Specification of Glow Bowl

  • Night light can be controlled by the control panel.
  • You can able to see where your pee can goes.
  • Because of water resistance protection you can able to wash the gadget easily.
  • It is easy to set up hand you are get to go to use it.
  • It comes with the build in air freshener, which keeps bathroom smelling great.
  • It is automatic in nature , it has a sensor which knows very well when to on and when to off.

How does the glow bowl work?

As you know that glow bowl give vibrant look to your bathroom as well as give freshness to your bathroom by in build in air freshener system. The LED light are automatically switched on and off itself because it has come with the sensor which sense the human existence. If you want to know how this gadget is work, you can go through from these three points.

1- First you have to insert the air freshner into the glowbowl fresh after opening it.

2- Second, you have to prep up the device by inserting the device onto your toilet bowl and by selecting your favourite colour from 7 LED colours , you can start the colour carousel mode.

3- Now, it will start automatically by its motion sensing system and it also release a fragrant aroma on an interval basis.

To Whom It Is Suitable ?

OLD PEOPLE – This device has been designed in such a manner that old people find the toilet seat without any problem. They can navigate their way in the toilet even in the dark.

YOUNG ADULT – Glow bowl fresh smartly do their work. It allow you to turn your toilet into a party hall.

KIDS – Small kids do not use the regular toilet. So this device can also connect onto your small kids toilet seat. By this he/she enjoying his/her potty time. You never know what brings the smile on your child’s face.

What Makes Difference Between Glow Bowl And Other Toilet Light

The important feature which makes the difference between the glow bowl and other toilet lights is that, the manufacturer give you the facility to select the colour according to your choice.

It not only give the vibrant look to your boring bathroom but also has in built air frshner.

Last but not the least, it can be used with all kind of toilet pots, regardless its shape , size and design.

Key Features Of Glow Bowl

  • It is very sensitive to light.
  • It is activated by motion.
  • It can fit to any bathroom, that’s why it is also known as ” one size perfect for every bathroom “
  • The intensity of light can be adjustable according to one’s requirement.
  • It has unique carousel mode.
  • This device is fully battery operated.

Cost Of Glow Bowl

Glow bowl is the device with two in one product which may cost $30 to $50. But surprisingly it cost only $19.99. The cost of the glow bowl fresh is very affordable, that any simple person can able to buy it easily. you also get exclusive offers on buying it.


Thank you for reading this Glow bowl review. This is the amazing gadget for your bathroom. If you buy it, it is quickly become indispensable, we guarantee it. It is the coolest gadget that make the boring toilet bowl into a vibrant night light. It also has the air fresher inside, so we get the lovely scented fresh feeling every time whenever you entered the place.

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