Easy Wax Off Review 2020- The Easy And Safe Rotating Ear Cleaner

In today’s busy schedule and hectic life , everyone needs some quick gadgets or items to solve their problems. They want some handy and comfortable solutions from the present technology.

Personal Hygiene become so important for everyone , but sometimes you ignore one of the most important organ of your body in terms of cleaning i.e Ears.

The sticky material present into your ear is good for your ears but when it present in excessive quantity, you get annoyed and irritated by getting trapped in fake ear wax removal kits or traditional home remedies.

Ear wax is produced by the gland named SEBACEOUS gland present in your ear canal . It work as natural ear cleaner because it protect your ear from any damage and infection. It also protect from bacteria , fungi and water , which harm your eardrum. But when the quantity of earwax is increased into your ear it dries up and falls out with the dust particles , but sometimes it can not falls out along with the dust particles , which can cause pain , infection, itchiness and sometimes it can also effect your hearing.

Due to all of these, people runs out to doctors and pay out a huge amount of money for the treatment. But now you are easily get out from this situation by buying the handy device once and could use it at your comfort. Lets introduce the EASY WAX OFF , which is the easiest and safest rotating ear wax cleanser . It can clean your ear easily without hurting your ear canal.

What Is Easy Wax Off ?

Easy wax off is the device that is made from pain and hassle free technology , which is used to remove the excess ear wax safely and easily. It contains 6 surgical grade stainless steel heads that fits almost all type of ears.

Easy wax off is considered one of the best , easy, hassle free , pain free device which generally rotate and pull out all the unwanted wax from your ears unlike cotton buds , it would hurt your ears and lead to any serious injuries.

It is not only clean your ears but also it is considered as the massaging element because it massage your ears gently. Easy wax off is one of the safest and effective earwax cleaning device that remove ear wax in an effective manner.

How it can be used?

Easy wax off is manually operated. It is very safe and easy to use . It doesn’t required any technical skills to operate it. As stated earlier that it is not made up of any kind of cotton and plastic material and it can be used by all aged grouped of people.

1- Firstly you have to simply place your grip on the device and place the Q-Grips in your ear and twist it in the direction of arrow.

2- You have to push the button ,it starts rotating.

3- after that it laches on the wax and extract it from your ear without damaging and hurting your ear.

4- Throw away the used or inserted tip .

Features and its specification

1- Product dimension are 12.5*1.5*1.5 cm

2- Weight is around 28gm

3- colors available – combination of blue and white

4- Full packet include 1 handle and 16 discardable tip.

5- It is made up or soft plastic and silicon.

6- Easy and very effective to use.

7- No need of any technical skills, manually operated by using hands.

8- Soft spiral tip to avoid any type of accident.

9- Washable spiral tip.

10- Can be used by all aged groups of people.

How Easy Wax Off Is unique from other gadgets?

So many other ear cleansers are available in the market, but the easy wax off ear cleaner is very special than any other type of ear cleaner.

It is not only remove the dry and unwanted wax from your ears , but also give the gentle massage to your ears . It provide very high quality treatment at very reasonable price. Other ear cleaner available in the market come with the plastic handle which can be slipped through your hand very easily, on the other hand easy wax off -Grips come with a rubber-coated handle as well as work without worry of slipping away from your hands during cleaning process.

Why it is important to remove ear wax?

When the wax is increased into the ears it is very uneasy for anyone to hear clearly. If this excessive ear wax is left untreated the symptoms of the impaction will become worse. It include some of the following symptoms –

1- Ear Pain

2- Hearing Defect

3- Sensation of fullness in the ears

4- Itchiness into the ears


1- It is very comfortable to use , as it is made up of soft silicon, which can fit almost all aged groups of people. The rotating ear wax off device removed excess ear wax without hurting soft part of your ear.

2- Easy wax off removal kit include 16 soft and flexible replacement tips. It is washable as well as reusable . So it can be washed , sanitized and reused.

3- It is affordable for everyone. It provide the high quality hygiene at very affordable price.

4- Easy wax off has no age discrimination. The kit include 16 soft-tips with different sizes. So it can be used by different aged groups of people.

Price of easy wax off

The easy wax off directly purchased from their official website, the website is presently offering a 50% discount on the regular $98 purchase.


Easy wax off are rotating ear cleaning tool which helps to remove the blocked earwax in your ears. Cotton buds hurt your ears but this device work very efficiently and safely. It is safe and pain free method to remove the ear wax.

It contains sixteen surgical grade stainless heads that helps to remove the earwax. It is also considered as massaging elements because it can massage your ears very gently. It is recommended for everyone who want to remove the excessive ear wax safely, easily. It has been tested and found effectively.

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