DangoBuds Review [2020]- Best Wireless Earbuds

DangoBuds are wireless earbuds. They are connected to their respective devices via. a Bluetooth connection

Most of the time when we want to hear the music outside or inside in our house , we generally using our headphones. The wire with them are so annoying some time. Most of us not always manage it properly. Some of the wires are so long in length. So to solve this problem a brand new product launched in the market i.e DangoBuds. These earbuds are so small and compact.

DangoBuds are wireless earbuds. They are connected to their respective devices via. a Bluetooth connection. Manufacturer manufacture this product to give the ultimate comfort to their user . This product not only able the user to listen the music but also make phone calls too. This microphone transmit your voice during the telephonic communication.

The case of the earbuds has inbuilt charging station. You can easily charge the earbuds by just putting the earbuds into the case. So the batteries in both the headphones can be recharged quickly.

More About DangoBuds

User can do their daily activities by using the DangoBuds. They are noise canceling earbuds. They has no cable with them and it simply connect with phones through Bluetooth. This wireless earbuds designed in such a manner that they are very small and sleek. They do not fall off from your ear while doing any activity. They perfectly fit in your ear. It seems like they are glued into your ear because of it gripping ability.

The manufacturer also give the built-in HD microphone. So it clearly and distinctly transmit your voice to your partner. Even in the ambient noise and in large group of people you should able to talk without raising your noise.

DangoBuds can be charged directly in the storage box . Both of the earbuds get energy at the same time. The batteries last for several hours. Their are no direct follow up cost during the purchage of DangoBuds.

Facts And Spec Of DangoBuds

  • Available in black and white colour.
  • Active noise canceling feature.
  • Has dual microphone
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Batteries of earbuds 65mAh Li-polymer
  • Batteries of storebox 5V/550mAh Li-polymer
  • Tpye C port of charging

Features Of DangoBuds

1- It has active noise cancellation technology to block the unwanted sound. Dual microphone cancel the unwanted sound by creating the inverse waves.

2- It is compatible with all devices such as android and iOS devices. All that is required is device has Bluetooth connection.

3- It has long battery life. These earbuds are completely wireless with an awesome long lasting battery life. They easily work all day long

4- It charge very fast and quickly. If it discharge fully it did not take long time to get ready for use again.

5- The design of the product is sleek, modern and futuristic. They are very small and compact, thus they are carry easily to anywhere and everywhere.

Technical Facts DangoBuds

  • Play and talk time of 3 hours
  • Wireless Earbuds
  • upto 72 hours standby
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 0 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
  • Including charging case (350 mAh)

Need Of These Earphones

The earbuds are so handy and small that people who like to listen music on go can easily carry these DangoBuds. During travelling you store these DangoBuds very easily and also charge them in the charging box. Due to the special shape of the earphones , it does not missed out while jogging or doing other activities. It hold your ears like it glued into it.

As we know that the normal or common earphones have to be untangled before use. which is very irritating sometimes. This can not happened with DangoBuds. It is wireless by design which directly connected with the desired device.

Working Of DangoBuds

It is very easy to use. Any person , even who don’t know about the technology won’t have any issue. It is charged by just simply put the earphones into the charging case.

The procedure of connecting the DangoBuds with the smartphones is very simple. The user has to turn on the Bluetooth and find the list of devices available on phone. Then just to simple click two devices will connect and DangoBuds will be ready to use. There will be no problems with buttons , pads and touchscreen.

Advantages Of DangoBuds

  • It has excellent sound.
  • Small , sleek and compact.
  • High quality product and comfort.
  • Possibility of convenient recharging during travelling.
  • One touch operation.
  • No need of technical skills.
  • Compatible with both android ans iOS device.

Disadvantages of DangoBuds

  • Limited stock

Where Can I Buy DangoBuds ?

DangoBuds are sold currently on the official website created by the manufacturer. You also benefited from discount between 50 and 66 %. As a means of payment you can use your credit cards such as VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, or MASTERCARD.

You can also complete the payment if you have your own payment account. If the delivery is in GERMANY the shipping cost is slightly higher. There is 30 days returning facility given by the manufacturer to their buyer.

Final Verdict

DangoBuds benefited the user the effective and efficient way to listen the audio ( music and phone calls ) without any kind of interruptions. Because of its protective case the problem of tangled wire is totally vanished. User can keep them conveniently in a bag, pocket, drawer or anywhere else. The earphone batteries last for 4 hours. It worked with any device which has Bluetooth capability. If the earbuds need energy in emergency the total charging time is less than an hour. User can order more than one set of this earphone at the same time. SO HURRY UP !

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