Arctic Air Review 2020 – Read This Before buying It

These extreme summers comes every time , most of us worried about it that how we can face all these hot days , but now the solution for this problem comes with very interesting and exciting surprises. You think absolutely right that we are talking about the air conditioner. While saying so air conditioning does comes with its demerits, including the fitting aspects and increasing bill expenses also.

Arctic Air cooler is a portable air cooler which blows the cool air on your way. It is all rounder in nature as it not only work as cooling device but also work as air purifier and humidifier. Due to its portable nature it can shifted from one place to another very easily and it does not comes with the mess of wiring aspects.So say bye bye to the other cooing devices and heat and enjoy this portable mini personal Arctic Air cooler.

About Arctic Air Cooler

Arctic Air cooler is handy and portable in nature due to which it can be shifted from one place to another very easily without any problem. It does not need much people to carry it from one place to another as compared to the other traditional cooling devices and air conditioners.

Arctic Air cooler is a compact device. It does not required any additional charges like fitting charges and carrying charges and all. It is light in weight . It is economical nature.

It is 3 in 1 devices which is not only gives you the cool environment but also purifies the air and humidifies the air. So we can say that it act as cooler , purifier and humidifier.

Just add the water and switched on the plug and feel the cooling effect of the Arctic Air cooler. It functioned upon the Hydro Chill Technology that use the e-vaporative air cooling filters that pulls in hot air and gives out the cool air. Other cooling devices which is costly in nature and uses so much energy for running itself which increase the bill expenses , but the Arctic Air cooler use only small amount of energy same as a fan.

Features of Arctic Air Cooler

  • It is handy , compact , portable which can be easily movable from one room to another.
  • Act like 3 in 1 electronic device which cools , humidifies , purifies the environment at the same time.
  • Do not harm the nature as other cooling devices does as it contains FREON .
  • Powered by micro USB cable for charging.
  • Able to cool 45 square foot area.
  • LCD display ( luminous and simple to read)
  • 350 WATTS
  • Work upon Hydro Chill Technology.

How does the Arctic Air personal cooler works ?

The Arctic Air personal cooler works upon the mechanism of evaporation. In this it used to absorb the hot air and transformed into cool air and gives out from the device . Arctic Air cooler has tank and attached filter in it, when the machine gets on it absorb the hot air send it through filters the water inside the device cools it down and gives out the freezing sensation. It can work for 8 hours after one time charging.

Arctic Air cooler work as 3 in 1 device –

  • Cooler
  • Humidifier
  • Purifier

This portable cooler not only cools down the hot air surroundings bu also purifies the surroundings which contain the small dust particles which affects our health adversely by arousing many respiratory problems. It also worked as humidifier which add more moisture to the air around you . It does all these three things at the same time.

Advantages of using Arctic Air cooler

  • Anti bacterial surroundings.
  • Compact in nature.
  • Can improve dry skin.
  • Negligible maintenance charges.
  • Low electricity bill expenses.
  • Economical, environment friendly, affordable , easy manageable in nature.

How it is different from other portable cooling devices

Arctic Air portable cooler may appear as any other portable cooler available in the market. But mind you, it has some amazing advantages over the competitors.

  • It moisturizing the air more as compared to other cooling devices.
  • Less cost makes the device more affordable.
  • Act as Humidifier.
  • Act as purifier which purifies the dusty air around you.
  • Easy to move , maintain , carry and use.
  • Able to charge itself anywhere and anytime, all credit goes to micro USB cable.
  • Does not required any external servicing.

How to use the Arctic Air personal cooler ?

The Arctic Air personal cooler also we can say that ” ARCTIC AIR ULTRA ” is much easier to use as compared to other cooling devices available in the market. This unit include both tank and filter. First off all before using the Artic Air Ultra cooler , remove the packaging and locate the filter. All you need is to put the cold water on filter and insert it inside the unit.

After that fill the tank with water, it also has fill line marked on the container. You can’t fill the tank with water above this line, if you did so it may lead to spill out when you carry it. Once you ok with filter and tank then put the device where you want to place it put the plug in and switched on the device and enjoy the freezing air.

Place where it can use ?

There are dozen of places where it can use easily. Traditional air cooling units need strong holding space which can hold the weight of the cooling unit and nearby outlet also necessary for proper functioning but in Arctic Air cooler , it does not required such type of arrangement. It can use in many places where you want to use.

  • In Office
  • Into the Bedroom
  • Into The Kitchen
  • In Classroom

Cost and place from where you can buy it

If Arctic Air Cooler purchased directly from on-tel in the US , installment criteria is also available in this as one Arctic cooler present in two installments at $19.99 and single payment also present in $39.98.

Arctic air personal cooler available on several sites such as HSN , Bed Bath Beyond , Amazon , Flipkart , Walmart at the same price.

The producer provides 60 days money back guarantee and warranty.

Why you should buy it ?

Everyone wants to know about the product in detailed manner. While we recommended the Arctic Air Cooler , we want you to feel confident before clicking on any provided links. All the experiments has to be done before this review which suits the customer’s personality and satisfying their needs. We also help you out with detailed list of its pros and cons which help you to decide whether you want to buy it or not.

Pros Of Arctic Air Cooler

  • Low maintenance cost as compared to other swamp style cooler available in the market.
  • Not produce much noise.
  • Works well for small spaces , also it can be used as desktop cooler.
  • Very simple to use as compared to other traditional cooling devices.
  • It is portable and compact in size, it is used anywhere at anytime.

Cons Of Arctic Cooler

As the Arctic Air cooler work so effectively and efficiently in any circumstances with low maintenance charges . It can be move easily, managed easily with very lower cost. So it become very difficult to give a way to find out any negative point of this product.

Arctic Air Mini Portable Cooler – Final Verdict

So Arctic Air Personal Cooler helpful in beating the heat in these hot summer days. It is worthy in all aspects as compared to its cost. It provides all the facilities which any shopper wants in other cooling devices. It is easy to use and its size and weight make it easy to move from one place to another. According to your preference you can place this device anywhere in your room.

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